Per directives from the CDC and California Dental Association, we are suspending all elective treatments for 2 weeks.  We are still available for urgent care. Once it is deemed safe to resume treatment, I would like our patient family to know the steps we will always take to keep you, and us, safe.  They are in fact the measures that are practiced day in and day out, hour after hour, consistently over many years time that have always kept us and our patients safe from infectious agents.  The novel Coronavirus currently infecting thousands worldwide can be killed on surfaces just as other Coronaviruses that cause cold or flu illnesses, and appears less hardy than other pathogenic viruses like Herpes or Hepatitis. It is, however, easily transmitted due to it's incubation period, and that people may be infected but have no or only mild symptoms. With the high-level surface disinfection and instrument sterilization employed after each and every patient encounter, disinfection of non-clinical areas like counters and desks, the use of personal protective equipment, and skilled staff that rigorously practice infection control as a way of daily life, you can be assured of safety when being cared for.  We have enhanced our daily routine by more frequent disinfection of non-clinical areas so door pulls, counters, chairs, and items touched by patients are always clean.  We ask you to use hand sanitizer, or wash in the restroom with soap and water, when you first arrive for an appointment, and again as you leave.  Your ability to have quality care in a clean, safe environment always has been and will be our unified goal as a care team. 
    Since we currently do not know when agencies may give a go-ahead to resume regular elective care like checkups, you will be contacted some time before your upcoming appointment and be re-scheduled for the next available times, likely in July or August.  Remember that urgent care needs will still be addressed, and we will be here for you. 
Stay Safe, keep washing your hands (and THEN use your picks!)
To Your Continued Good Health,   Daniel Dozier, DDS and Staff
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Welcome to Our Practice

Welcome to Healthy Smile Stockton! The dentists serving you are Daniel Dozier, DDS and Henry Vu, DDS who are supported by their dedicated, talented, stable, efficient, and friendly staff. Our pledge to you is to provide the most comfortable and comprehensive dental services possible that are focused completely on your unique and particular needs, not a pre-programmed set of procedures that all patients receive.


Our Services

What are your dental needs? We offer a variety of dental services and procedures to meet all of your family’s needs. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Preventive screenings, exams, and individualized home care for adults
  • Early childhood care, kindergarten screenings, true caring family practice
  • Prevention and treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease
  • Cosmetic care including bonding, teeth whitening, and veneers
  • Restorative care including tooth-colored fillings, ceramic crowns, bridges
  • Implant-supported crowns and full or partial dentures
  • Prompt attention to provide relief of painful conditions

Our office has a welcoming atmosphere that will reduce any stress you have over visiting the dentist.


Prevention Through Education

“Preventive Dentistry” is a commonly used and heard phrase in dental marketing, but what does that term really mean? If prevention is to stop a problem, like cavities or gum disease, from occurring in the first place, then how does that happen? The answer is what our office is all about. You see, prevention in dentistry occurs by educating patients about disease enough so they recognize the signs and know what to do about them, and this is especially true in the area of gum disease. Thus our mantra: Prevention Through Education. It is at the very center of our entire approach to your care.

The concepts are simple and easy to understand, but the results are rapid and dramatic. We spend the time with you to assess your individual findings and provide a clear and personalized prescription for a healthy mouth. After a short while, patients always have the same comment: “My mouth feels healthy now”. If you’d like that feeling, we will show you how easy it is to achieve. This is also true for your children who we always welcome. Starting early, and regularly showing kids how to take care of their teeth at home reduces their problems now and sets the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health.

Going to the dentist is not high on most people’s list of favorite things, but we know after taking care of patients in this area for so many years that paying attention to each person’s individual needs provides the best care with highest levels of satisfaction. Educating patients about what plaque actually is (do you know?) and how problems like decay and gum disease start and progress is the first step in giving you a sense of control over the health of your mouth. The simplified home care techniques we discuss then make sense and consistently provide patients with a feeling their teeth and gums are quickly significantly healthier, cleaner and more comfortable. We can give you almost any kind of smile you want, but a healthy smile is always beautiful.  

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Our Services
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  • Preventive Care and Education
  • Esthetic Smile Design
  • Children's Dentistry
  • Implants
  • Emergency Treatment
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Fillings and Bondings
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Dr. Dozier and all his staff are very professional. They make you feel at ease and comfortable with any and all procedures. Dr. Dozier and staff also take the time to explain and educate you about your dental health. - Faith R.
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