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The Age of Adhesive Dentistry is here! These images demonstrate various applications of Direct Bonding, which is a conservative, tooth-preserving option to cover cosmetic defects, recontour misaligned teeth, and close spaces with little or no tooth reduction or anesthesia. Another application of bonding is when failing silver amalgam fillings are replaced with bonded tooth-colored composites. This is also how most smaller decay areas are restored now in modern practice.

There are certainly situations where adhesive ceramic crowns or porcelain veneers are indicated for the best, most durable, and most aesthetic result. However, direct bonding is a great option for lots of cosmetic or decay issues that allows a simpler, less costly approach than full crowns or porcelain veneers.

Direct Bonding (Spacing at Gumline)

Dentists call this issue Black Triangle, and it’s pretty common. The front two teeth are also rather square due to minor wear of the bottom edges over time.

Rather than resorting to more invasive procedures, it’s possible here to just bond...[Read More]

Direct Bonding (Diastema)

One of the most common applications of direct bonding is to close a space known as a diastema. This example is a small one, but it works just a well on spaces up to about 2mm.

Since the material is bonded into an area that really has no...[Read More]

Direct Bonding (Diastema and Recontouring)

This is a somewhat larger space that was bonded, and some minor recontouring was done just on the front corners of the smaller lateral incisors next to the middle ones to correct the rotated appearance of these teeth, and then the front 4 had ligh...[Read More]

Amalgam to Composite

While there are no verified health reasons to remove all the amalgam fillings from your teeth, no matter what the internet says, replacement of failing silver fillings or doing a bonded filling for new decay, or just replacing old silver fillings...[Read More]

Direct Bonding (White Spots)

White spots or blotches in teeth often seen in young people can be addressed with minor surface abrasion of the white area followed by layering of bonded material.

While in the case illustrated here there is still a slight discrepancy in s...[Read More]

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