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What are the options available for payment of fees in your office? Do you have payment plans?

We always try to work with you to find a solution that allows you to get the care you want and stay within you means. We often phase treatment over time, prioritizing the most needed treatments first, and if necessary delaying smaller problems or more elective procedures till some later date. We accept Visa and Mastercard, and provide a 5% courtesy discount for payment in full on the day of treatment. For patients who would like to have a payment plan, we are able to offer 3-month payment plans in office, and we also accept Care Credit if a longer payment schedule is needed. Many patients already have Care Credit cards, or we are also able to help you apply for your account if you prefer to have one. Even with dental insurance, most procedures have anywhere from 20-50% patient share amounts, and if you have no dental insurance at all, you have lots of company. If you would like to know more about Care Credit options, please click here.

We have always kept our fees in line with the average community fees, and set out fees according to time and quality of care. We use essentially one basic fee schedule, which has been designed so that un-insured patients do not have to pay a premium or pay a “penalty” by higher fees due to lack of insurance coverage (which is pretty much how it works everywhere if you don’t have medical insurance and end up being charged twice as much because of it!) We always strive to treat patients fairly and respect their financial as well as dental needs, and promise to work with you in the journey to a comfortable and Healthy Smile.

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      Good News!  Per updated guidelines from the ADA, CDA, California DPH and Dr Maggie Park, Director of San Joaquin County Dept of Public Health, we are now able to resume elective dental care, and we anticipate starting elective care appointments on June 8th.  It’s been a long 2 and a half months for all of you and all of us.  The updated and quite specific  guidelines will keep everyone safe while we get back to caring for people.  We will ask Covid-related questions before your appointment,  we will meter and separate patients in the office,  and we will ask you to wear masks or other face coverings when entering and leaving.   
       A lot will be different, but one thing will clearly be the same: Our entire team’s commitment to be considerate of your needs, careful in your care, and detail-minded when protecting you from infections.  Dental offices have always been concerned and proactive in protecting patients and staff from pathogens that have always been around.  Rest assured, you are safe in our office because we are, down to a person, committed infection-control fanatics.  We look forward to seeing you soon.