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What is an effective treatment for teeth whitening

There are various effective ways to actually lighten the shade of teeth, and they all involve some kind of peroxide/glycerin gel in various concentrations and they all require contact time to work. This is why peroxide in toothpaste doesn’t make teeth lighter, because the extended contact time needed to be effective is not there. The various products and techniques, both over-the-counter and dental-office provided, have indications and situations where they work well or not so much. Sensitivity of the teeth, to cold mainly, during and after the gel is applied can be an issue for some people, and some of the over-the-counter products seem to be especially a problem for some but not other patients. Luckily, the sensitivity eventually resolves even those who experience so much they can’t finish the process.

It should also be emphasized that sensitivity is not an indication of any damage occurring in teeth, and the enamel and dentin structures are not degraded in any way, as has been shown in numerous studies and microscopic assays of lightened teeth. We have settled on a method and material that minimizes sensitivity, so there are more patients who get good results by being able to finish the treatment. If you are wondering about tooth lightening, please ask us and we’ll discuss all options for this, both OTC products and professional treatments, and help you determine what would be best and most effective for you. This is a predictable and conservative option that is appropriate for a wide range of patients.

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