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Jean and Jamie are here to use their experience and knowledge of treatment and insurance benefits  to help you understand  and find ways to make the care you need affordable for you, with or without insurance benefits paid.  You will find them a helpful and valuable resource in progressing through what can be confusing and unclear insurance benefit contracts. Their top priority is helping you get the conservative care you may need to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth free of disease or progressive problems.  

We provide a full range of convenient payment options to accommodate your unique needs. Fees and financial arrangements, including dental insurance benefits, will be discussed before treatment begins. We accept most conventional insurance plans, but do not participate in HMO or "capitation" plans as we are not able under these arrangements to maintain the level of care and service our patients deserve and have come to expect from us over the years. We encourage discussion to clarify any questions about total dental care costs.

No insurance company attempts to cover all dental costs. Some companies pay a pre-set amount for certain procedures and these allowances will usually be significantly below the actual fees involved. Other plans pay a percentage of the actual fee, which often translates into benefits that cover at least 50-80% of treatment fees. Most all plans require the patient to pay the first $25 to $100 of charges incurred, the annual "deductible". This deductible is sometimes NOT applied to preventive check-ups (exams, films, cleanings), an incentive by insurance companies since they know they pay out less if people keep preventive visits which catch problems earlier when they are easier and cheaper to treat.

We accept Visa/Mastercard for your convenience, or we are able to extend a courtesy bookkeeping discount for those patients who pay at the time of services. We have payment plans available, including those which have no interest for 6-12 months through Care Credit which many patients have enrolled in to allow them to get the care they need. We do everything we can to help make good dental care affordable for you. As many patients have found, once good dental health is achieved through restoration and personal preventive education, the costs to maintain this healthy, comfortable, functional state for life are reasonable indeed!

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      Good News!  Per updated guidelines from the ADA, CDA, California DPH and Dr Maggie Park, Director of San Joaquin County Dept of Public Health, we are now able to resume elective dental care, and we anticipate starting elective care appointments on June 8th.  It’s been a long 2 and a half months for all of you and all of us.  The updated and quite specific  guidelines will keep everyone safe while we get back to caring for people.  We will ask Covid-related questions before your appointment,  we will meter and separate patients in the office,  and we will ask you to wear masks or other face coverings when entering and leaving.   
       A lot will be different, but one thing will clearly be the same: Our entire team’s commitment to be considerate of your needs, careful in your care, and detail-minded when protecting you from infections.  Dental offices have always been concerned and proactive in protecting patients and staff from pathogens that have always been around.  Rest assured, you are safe in our office because we are, down to a person, committed infection-control fanatics.  We look forward to seeing you soon.