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Your Care as an Individual

Going for a dental visit is no big deal for some people, while others can describe how they view an upcoming appointment with one word: dread. People often have these different feelings based on what has occurred with prior dental treatment over years of time in various offices. This again shows the need to evaluate and treat each person according to their individual needs, and this is a bedrock commitment from us to you.

Too often, we find patients have been given limited choices in their care, just a list of things they “need done now”. In fact, with the exception of a completely non-restorable tooth broken due to decay or severe fracture, or a tooth which has lost all it’s supporting bone due to periodontal disease and just needs to be removed, most dental problems can be handled in one of several ways.

There are times when a tooth can have a crown or a filling, and both will be acceptable treatment depending on the location of the tooth and what the patient’s expectations are. What about veneers? Do they all need to be porcelain, or would a simpler, more conservative, less costly direct veneer that removes no tooth structure and requires no anesthesia be a good option for that situation? Perhaps a tooth is missing that you would like replaced. When is a bridge fixed to the adjacent teeth a better or worse option than an implant with crown? When would a removable appliance be a proven and satisfactory option for missing teeth? All these options have their place, and it is our responsibility to make sure you understand the advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives to any solution that is being considered for your care, answer any and all questions, and make sure we listen to what’s important to you in that care. Only then can we, together, make choices that are truly right for you.

If you need more time to have treatment recommendations or procedures explained in a manner that makes sense to you, then you will receive that time. If you need treatment to progress more slowly to feel comfortable with what we’re doing, then we are committed to providing that. If you want more done at each visit so you make fewer trips and can get on with your life, we will make that happen. And we always strive to be prompt and see patients on time, because your time is at least as valuable as ours.

For 33 years, our office has tried to provide care that prioritizes your needs over ours, because helping people improve their knowledge and health to solve existing problems and minimize future disease is what makes dentistry a personally fulfilling profession. With our help, you will learn enough about the causes of dental disease so that you can take corrective actions against it while we take care of the professional treatment. This will help put your mouth back in an attractive and functionally healthy state which you can easily maintain.

Our goal will be a lifetime of attractive appearance, comfortable chewing, and controlled lower dental bills. You will be playing the leading role with us as a supporting cast. Performing our individual roles and following a planned and personalized course, we can look forward to a lifetime of good dental health and a pleasant association. Then someday, you might just say “Hey, that appointment was pretty easy!” We can be successful!

And we'll never ask you to kiss a Donkey. Promise.

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